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Getting Rid of Pesky Raccoons and Squirrels from Your Property

Nuisance wildlife like raccoons and squirrels can cause major headaches for homeowners. These clever critters can find their way into attics, chimneys, garbage cans, and more, causing damage or creating unsanitary conditions. Squirrel and raccoon removal and removing their nests from your home requires specific methods and precautions. This article provides tips on effective, humane ways to rid your property of these pesky creatures.

Inspect Your Property for Entry Points

The first step in raccoon and squirrel removal is finding out how they are accessing your home. Check the exterior for holes or gaps around rooflines, chimneys, attic vents, and foundations. Also look for damaged soffits or vent screens as common entry points. Tree branches in contact with the house can provide access as well. Identifying and sealing all possible entryways is crucial for long-term prevention.

Use Humane Exclusion Methods

It is usually illegal and inadvisable to trap raccoons or squirrels and translocate them to a new area. Not only is this extremely stressful for the animals, but relocated wildlife often tries to return to its original territory. The humane, effective approach is exclusion. This involves installing one-way exclusion doors or barriers that allow the animals to exit but not re-enter your home. Give the animals a few days to leave before sealing entry holes. Always make sure there are no babies trapped inside before excluding adult animals.

Clean Up Potential Food Sources

Raccoons and squirrels are attracted to easy sources of food and water on your property. Ensure trash and recycling bins have tight fitting lids. Pick up fallen fruit from yards. Install metal guards around potential nesting or denning sites like chimneys, attic vents, and crawl spaces. Removing outdoor pet food, bird feeders, decorative ponds, and other attractants at night helps prevent unwanted wildlife visitors.

Use Repellents

Specific taste, scent, or touch repellents may discourage raccoons and squirrels from frequenting your home. Pepper and garlic sprays or granules create uncomfortable sensations. Ammonia or vinegar soaked cotton balls act as scent repellents. Movement-activated sprinkler systems also deter accessing certain areas. Check regulations regarding repellent use and reapply them frequently for best results.

Call Professional Wildlife Control Experts

For major raccoon, squirrel, or other wildlife infestations, call professional critter removal services. They have the proper training, equipment, and regulations compliance to humanely remove animals and repair entry points. Licensed services may legally set traps, contain animals, and conduct exclusion or relocation. Get references and guarantees when hiring wildlife control companies.

Prevent Future Occurrences

The final step is taking proactive measures to keep raccoons, squirrels, and other wildlife from invading your home in the future. Install chimney caps and vent covers. Attach pest exclusion mesh over possible entry holes. Keep tree branches trimmed back from the house. Motion-activated lighting and sprinklers act as deterrents. Set up regular inspections and maintenance to ensure your home remains pest free.

Raccoons and squirrels can be persistent, destructive pests. With patience and the right removal methods, you can humanely rid your property of these troublesome critters. Focus on exclusion, removing attractants, deterrents, and sealing up access. When in doubt, hire licensed wildlife control professionals for appropriate, effective removal and exclusion. With some diligence, you can outsmart these crafty animals and reclaim your home.


Raccoons and squirrels may seem cute and harmless at first, but they can quickly become a nuisance by causing damage, getting into food, and nesting in undesirable areas around homes. This article outlined effective, ethical solutions for raccoon and squirrel removal and excluding them humanely. While getting rid of occasional wildlife visitors requires persistence and diligence, the recommendations provided here can successfully rid your home of raccoons, squirrels, and other pesky animals for good. With the right exclusion techniques and prevention measures, you can maintain a pest-free property and peace of mind.

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