Tech Addiction; Balancing the Benefits and Pitfalls of Daily Life

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Over the decades, technology has become an integral part of our lives. No matter what we do, we find ourselves clenched in the grip of it. Unconsciously it has seeped so deep in our daily routine that it has now become impossible to live a life without it.

From the moment we open our eyes in the morning, to the time we go back to our comfy beds, we rely heavily on it. Be it communication or work, entertainment, medicines, research, and whatnot!

Through our smartphones, laptops, tablets, and smartTV now, they have completely shaped the way we interact with the world. It has helped us greatly to maintain a connection with our family and pals and with the outside world. By getting the latest info regarding the current events happening around.

Whether it is to order the food or make a new recipe. Steering to unfamiliar places or booking a ride. It has made our lives easier and more efficient, molding the way we play, live, and work.

 But here’s a thing. No matter how useful it is. But the overconsumption of a certain thing ruins everything. While there is no doubt that technology has given us hundreds of comforts, the reliance on it is now becoming a pitfall.

This dependency is not even a bad thing. We certainly need technology in our lives. You can’t discard it. You use it for office or commercial work. But when you come back home. All tired and looking for an escape. You immediately tend to consume entertainment on streaming platforms.

And since Hulu Philippines and in many other regions has become available. The consumption of it has drastically increased. Again this directs the flow of people to depend on technology. This overconsumption of technology through different mediums should be monitored.

Moreover, the key to having a healthy life has always been about finding the right equilibrium while adopting and availing of benefits and drawbacks. Therefore, let us dig in and endeavor to find out how we can bring a balance in our lives.

Benefits of Technology

First, we must acknowledge the advantages, which we can only avail due to technology.


Technology has evolved and it only gets better. Providing us with the best means to communicate, connect, and mend the bridges between us. Through messaging, voice calls, and now clear and perfect video calls. Plus, social media has also made it feasible to stay in touch with loved ones and make new pals. Distance is not a problem anymore.

 Increased Productivity

 The technology has significantly helped us to boost and make our work more efficient. By enabling us with such digital tools that simplify tasks and operate our schedules effectively. This way, we get the desired results, that too by working smart, not hard.

Source of Entertainment

Technology has revolutionized the way we consume entertainment. With the abundance of streaming platforms, that have plenty of amazing shows and movies to keep you hooked to your seats.  Plus, a great way to bring a sense of relaxation and joy to your hectic routine.

Treasure of Information

The internet service has an extensive hold of information. This pool of knowledge helps the learners to get information about new things and topics. Thus, keeping them informed about the incidents happening around.

The Hitches of Extreme Tech Use

Now, let’s shed some light on the effects of excessive use of technology.

Mental and Physical Health

The constant and extreme use of technology, mainly provided by smartphones or tablets and social media can eventually lead people to unusual and addictive behavior. Which harms mental and emotional health.

Plus, this will lead you to have a disturbed sleep schedule, increased stress level, and eye strain.

Socially Disconnected

The increased use of technology has made a drastic impact on people, it has pulled them away from viz-a-viz interactions. The dependency on technology gets in the way of human connection, ultimately making individuals feel lonely and isolated by the end.

Moreover, the constant pop-up of notifications on phones has also diverted the attention of people. Impacting their work by making them less productive.

How to Bring a Balance?

To maintain a healthy balance and stay vigilant from falling into the trap of technology, all you need to do is adopt these habits.

First, be very cautious of the signs of tech addiction. Monitor and control your screen time, ignoring other exercises and feeling irritable when not using a cell phone.

Immediately set boundaries, when you feel the signs happening to you. Limit your screen time and engage yourself in outdoor activities. Furthermore, Spend time with your family and treat yourself to a nice meal.

Wrapping Up

Lastly, There are both positive and negative impacts of everything. But it is in our hands, how we choose to use it and bring either the good or the bad side of it forth.