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Jignesh Shah: An iron-willed innovator from India

Jignesh Shah, the Chairman Emeritus of 63 moons technologies limited, is one of the top entrepreneurs of the Indian FinTech sector. He dreamt and achieved the next generation requirements of India in the realm of financial market infrastructure, capacity building, product innovation, skill development, job creation and generation of sustainable incomes.

As a visionary entrepreneur, he has not only empowered the Indian financial market infrastructure on the lines of Tokyo and the US, but his group has also put India on the global map by setting up exchanges across continents right from Africa to Middle East, to South-East Asia. His strategies and initiatives brought in immense development in the FinTech industry and generated several new openings for India’s growth.

Jignesh Shah, an engineer by education, an entrepreneur by aspiration, and an evangelist by interest for financial markets development, his numerous efforts and endeavors led to the state of the financial markets infrastructure that India could take pride in. For the path breaking work that he has done in the financial market development and promotion of multi-asset class market segments across multiple geographies, he is the first Asian to be recognized as a “Dominant Finance &Futures Industry Leaders” by the Futures Industry Association (US), a glory that he shared with the likes of US Treasury Secretary (former) Tim Geithner, Chicago Mercantile Exchange’s Craig Donohue and Terry Duffy, Inter Continental Exchange’s Jeffrey Sprecher and BATS’ Joe Rotterman.

When the Indian market desperately needed a change, the zealous entrepreneur, with his unique ideologies and strategies, opened up various opportunities for the market to flourish. Many of Shah’s exchanges have received global acclamation and gave India a new recognition as well. Jignesh Shah is among the biggest business moguls of India. He is a visionary whose contributions towards the development of society are innumerable and commendable. Actually, it is due to his initiatives, the FinTech industry witnessed a transformation. India is lucky to have a visionary in him, especially in the present circumstances when he has decided to devote his energies to scaling up the Start-up India vision of PM Narendra Modi. His efforts will certainly see India generate tens of millions of jobs for its youth.

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