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Adani Godda Power Plant: A Remarkable Venture Towards Growth and Prosperity in Bangladesh

The Adani Group has always been actively involved in India’s power sector. The conglomerate has built numerous power plants to fulfil the country’s energy needs. Since its initial operation, it has actively developed infrastructure supporting power generation. The Adani Group has recently expanded its horizons beyond the country’s boundaries. It has made a huge investment in the Godda Power Plant in Bangladesh to improve the lives of the country’s people. It will serve as a way of strengthening the relationship between India and Bangladesh. The people of the country will be blessed with a consistent energy supply. This will change their lives for the better. A lot of new opportunities will also come their way.

The Godda Power Plant Project – A Brief Overview:

Adani Power Jharkhand Limited, an active subsidiary of the Adani Group, has contributed deeply towards developing the Godda Power Plant in Bangladesh. The Adani Godda project was built in two different phases. Adani Power acquired the commercial operations date (COD) of the second units of its 2×800 MW ultra-supercritical thermal power plant on 26th July 2023. This unit was made functional at the Godda district in Jharkhand. All the reliability run tests, including the commercial operations test for the project, were completed in the presence of the Power Grid Corporation of Bangladesh and BPDP.

The Total Energy Capacity of the Project:

The first unit of this power plant, with a capacity of 800 MW, acquired its commercial operations date on 6th April 2023. These projects have contributed to Bangladesh’s energy security and will make the country an energy-efficient nation. Adani Power will supply 1,496 MW net power from the two units of the Godda Power Plant under the PPA with Bangladesh Power Development Board. The agreement was signed in November 2017 and is for 25 years. The energy will be supplied through a 400 kV dedicated transmission system connected to Bangladesh’s power grid. This will ensure that energy is supplied consistently to the different locations of the country.

The entire project was completed within a track record of 3.5 years. Although there were a lot of delays because of the pandemic, Adani Power completed the project within a very short period. In fact, this is the shortest time any coal-based power plant in Bangladesh takes to acquire COD. The project uses state-of-the-art ultra-superficial technology to supply power to the different areas of Bangladesh. It also ensures that environmentally friendly operations are maintained during the execution of the project.

The Adani Group is taking elaborate measures to ensure that the project emissions are reduced drastically. This will again lead our planet towards a cleaner future, and the sustainability goals will also be achieved.

Why Did the Adani Group Take Active Interest in the Godda Power Plant?

There are multiple reasons behind the commissioning of the Adani Godda project. The power plant is one of the biggest projects taken up by the Adani Group in the international segment. It serves as a symbol of friendship between India and Bangladesh. It also supports the long-term relationship between the two nations. There will be sufficient and consistent electricity supply for industrial and household operations throughout the year. The country will no longer face frequent blackouts, enhancing economic growth and prosperity.

The electricity supply will greatly impact the country’s declining power situation. It will be a replacement for the costly power which is generated from liquid fuel. The project will also help Bangladesh reduce the cost of power purchased. This will bring about a transformation in the economic condition of the country. The power supplied will also support various industrial operations in Bangladesh. Industrial activities will start in different corners of the country. A lot of investors will also be attracted to Bangladesh. The country will receive global exposure. Numerous job opportunities will also open up for the people so they can easily earn a livelihood.


The Adani Godda project is one of the biggest achievements of the Adani Group. It has an integral role in boosting both nations’ economic conditions. The people of Bangladesh will receive a reliable and uninterrupted electricity supply throughout the year. The electricity will be available at competitive prices even in the country’s remote regions with no power supply beforehand. This will further boost the growth of industrial activities in Bangladesh. The country’s overall economic situation will also change for the better. The progress made by the Adani Group will also bring prosperity to India and allow our country to walk the path of success.

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