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7 bench workouts you can do at home

A high-quality workout adjustable weight bench supports exercises that boost muscle size, strength, and endurance. It can help you get a better strength training workout at home. There are many benefits to having a weight bench at home, and if you are serious about size and strength, you will be happy to find out that you can do a full-body workout with a bench at home.

Many of you may not have a lot of room in your home gym for multiple training equipment and different machines. So you can use an adjustable weight bench which is one-piece equipment and allows you to perform dozens of exercises in a limited space.

The following exercises are not just the top 7 bench exercises you can do; they constitute a rather upper body and lower body workout that you can perform at home.

We have included what we believe are the best workout bench exercises for each major body part. Be it easy, medium or hard, all these exercises are great for beginners and experienced lifters.

adjustable weight bench


● Stand beside your flat bench facing towards it.

● Bring one knee up to step on the bench. Focus on flexing the muscles in that ley to press through the bench as you lift your torso until you are standing on the bench.

● Use the same keg to slowly lower yourself back to the ground.

● Alternate legs as you repeat the movement.

Single leg squat on a bench

● Stand on one leg on your flat adjustable weight bench. Let the other leg dangle off the side.

● Squat down, lowering your dangling leg below the bench’s surface. Extend your arms forward for balance. Stop when your thigh is parallel to the bench.

● Squeeze and press your torso back up, pushing through your heel.

Dumbbell flyes

● Lie back on your adjustable weight bench in the flat position. Hold the dumbbells together directly over your chest with your arms extended almost completely straight. Your hands should face each other.

● Keep your arms extended while you lower the dumbbells to the sides in a wide arc. Go as low as you feel comfortable but not lower.

● Squeeze your pecs together to bring the dumbbells back up starting point without bending your arms too much or arching your back.

Reverse dumbbell flyes

● Lie stomach-down on your inclined bench. Let your arms dangle down, and hold a dumbbell in each hand with your palms facing each other. 

● Bending your elbows just a little, lift the weights outward in an arc until they reach shoulder level.

● Flex your shoulder muscles together at the top, then lower your arms.

Bench reverse crunches

● Lie on your flat adjustable weight bench facing the ceiling. Grip the top of the bench above your head with both hands.

● Think about using just your core as you lift your lower body, torso and legs above the bench. Curl your back and bend your knees, bringing them as close to your nose as possible.

● Pause to squeeze your lower abs hard, then slowly bring your legs and torso down.

Incline bench reverse crunches.

● Lie on your inclined bench gripping the top of the bench with both hands.

● Curl upward into a ball, bringing your knees to your nose. Try to use only your core muscles.

● Squeeze hard at the top, then lower your legs and torso

Leg lowers

● Lie faceup on your flat adjustable weight bench with your hands gripping the sides at about hip level.

● Keep your knees straight as you use your abs to lift your legs to a 90-degree angle.

● Lower your legs as slowly as possible.

Your adjustable weight bench gives you much more than just a surface to lie on. It’s a guide that gives you greater control over your exercise session. It’s a solid foundation on which you can build your entire body. So have fun working out at home.

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