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6 Ways to Style Ear Cuff Stud Earrings

Ear cuffs are one of the latest trends in fashion right now, and today we are going to show you six ways to style ear cuff stud earrings and create different looks and styles. The ear cuff looks like a bobby pin attached to your ear. They come in different shapes, themes, and designs that can easily represent your style. 

The most favored ways to style these beautiful ear cuff stud earrings is either by placing them on your helix for cool hipster casual wear or accessorizing the ear with a bold crystal ear cuff for an astounding style. It is a beautiful long piece that can complement your earlobes or helix in a very feminine way.

If you look at fashion history, we can discover women wore that ear cuffs since ancient times. Nowadays, we find various kinds of ear cuffs that respond to today’s fashion. Be it studded cuffs or tribal design-inspired cuffs are very popular. We can also accessorize our ears with very elegant or extravagant ornaments.

Ear cuffs are back in fashion, and they are so cool so let’s explore the possible ways we can wear them.

Delicate ear cuffs for everyday wear

Delicate ear cuffs are simple yet interesting pieces that could be styled with any of your casual outfits. You can wear this type of ear cuff at school, work, walk around the city, or any other event. It is an absolute must-have accessory because of its effortless styling. You cannot go wrong with this fine piece.

A boldly detailed ear crawler or ear cuff for an opulent style

A fascinating ear adornment or ear cuff studded earring can be styled with your classy and chic clothes. It is great for night-outs or special occasions to give your look a very sophisticated touch.

Asymmetrical ear cuff for a distinctive look

The asymmetrical ear cuff is a cool way to show your feelings, interests, and personality. You can easily style it for different events. For example, you can add this unique design to your chic and classy outfits or combine it with your striking style to get a more dramatic look.

The majestic ear cuff for an over the top fashionable look

You can decorate your majestic ear cuff stud earring in many different waysas the full ear cuff is one of the most spectacular ones out in the market because it is an unforgettable staple piece. You can style whichever way you prefer to style it, either casual, street style, or trendy, and people would be staring at your daring style.

A subtle ear jacket for a discreet and girly look

A cool way to add decoration to your outfit is by embellishing your ear with a subtle yet very girly-looking ear jacket. It is a rather clean design compared to the majestic ear cuff, but an elegant one. Try complimenting the beautiful ear cuff with a dress or more girly outfits to get an instant romantic style. However, it can be styled with pretty much any of your favorite clothes.

Wear crystal stud ear cuffs to add sparkles to your outfit

If you find your outfits a little boring, then you need to put a sparkle in your ear. It is fun to decorate your ears and get a distinctive look by adding ear cuff stud earrings to your collection. You can style such crystal cuffs with your casual, trendy, or night out clothes depending on your occasion. You can even wear these crystal pieces with a leather jacket and ripped jeans for a cool and chic look.

Final words

Hopefully, this was interesting and informative for you. If the ideas inspire you, you can go in front of the mirror and create the design to rock daily or give a refreshed look to your outfits.

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