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Top 5 Ways To Stitch Hook & Eye Supremely Onto Your Clothes

While you’re sewing a hook and eye back onto a high-quality garment or adding a hook and eye to a newly made piece, continue reading to discover the top five techniques for securely stitching hook and eye fasteners for clothing.

Hooks are twisted wires with two circular loops on each side that are used to secure packets. A range of sizes is offered to suit several purposes. Necklines, waistbands, sleeve cuffs, and collars often include the hook. They prevent the zipper at the top from gaping. Numerous methods exist for attaching the bare hook to the opposite side of the hole. To secure the hook to the clothing, a hook and an eye are utilized. 

If you’ve bought clothes with hooks that come unattached after a few washes, this article will explain hook and eye fasteners for clothing.

What is hook and eye fasteners for clothing exactly?

A two-part fastening mechanism consists of a metal hook that hooks over a bar or into an aperture and a loop that catches over the bar or into the opening.

#1 Hook And Eye

On the losing end of clothes, the eye is usually 1/8 inch from the aperture’s edge.

See how to sew a metal eye on a hook.

  • Insert the hook inside the garment via the hole, flush with the opening’s edges. Tiny blanket stitches or whip stitches may be used to secure the cloth.
  • Watch the inside of the garment opposite the opening. The opening may need to be adjusted. 
  • Start measuring 1/8 inch from the edge – you may attach the eye to the hook to be more accurate. Verify that the opening edges are perfectly centered. 
  • Mark the ground with a pin or a pen. 
  • To join the eye loops, use a whip or blanket stitches. Make sure the hook is straight and not tilted.

#2 Hook & Eye Tape

Use a tape with hooks that are well-attached in this situation. It’s as simple as sewing the tape together; the only challenge is avoiding hitting the hooks with the needles.

#3 Large Metal Hooks In Fabrics

To utilize the big hoops (often referred to as trouser hooks), you may sew fabric loops or metal bars.

#4 Metal Bars And Hooks

If the opening plackets/edges overlap, a hook and bar are utilized to close the gap. A waistline with a bar and hook pattern on a pair of pants is an outstanding example.

  • Stitch the hook through the inner hole of the garment. 
  • Make a mark on the ground to indicate where the bar will be. 
  • Attach the hook to the pin in the same manner that you would like a bar. 
  • Mark it with chalk or a disappearing pen to ensure correct positioning before threading the bar in place.

#5 Easy method and Hook

If you’re too lazy to create those thread bars or sew a slew of blanket stitches on the eye, this is for you. 

It must be kept a little inside from the inner border. It thus makes the hook undetectable from the outside while employing this method. The placket is designed with spaces left on the edge where the hooks will go. The hook is inserted into the unstitched space between the edge stitching and latches on.

Hooks and eyes are a simple way to fasten clothing. Select the appropriate size, space them properly, and secure them with a secure stitch. Have you tried your hands over hook and eye fasteners for clothing?

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