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Jewelry Items: Antique Designer Pieces you should have in your Jewelry Box

Antique jewelry is those which represent a bygone era or a period in human society evolutions. Antique as the word means from olden time or olden days. Antique jewelry is dutifully passed on from generation to generation in the family and is elders’ blessings in the form of jewelry.

These jewelry pieces carry family emotions and have a heritage value attached to them. The make and craftsmanship of antique jewelry like zodiac sign pendants gold is unmatched, and one will be spellbound looking at these jewelry pieces.

Antique Gold Necklaces for Bridal

Gold is an evergreen metal which is extremely popular since ancient times. Kings and queens of the olden days wore necklaces and other jewelry made of gold. Gold is symbolic of class, grace, and royal lineage. Hence antique necklaces were crafted in pure gold, and how they were crafted was just outstanding. These antique gold necklaces can be worn at weddings or on any auspicious occasion, making you look like an ethereal beauty.

Antique Temple Jewelery in Gold

Temple design antique gold jewelry is the latest and new entrant in antique jewelry designs, and these heavenly-looking jewelry pieces are breathtakingly beautiful. People are flaunting temple design gold jewelry in bangles, necklaces, bracelets, chains, etc. They are beautifully crafted with precision for that Goddess look in every woman.

Antique Zodiac Sign Pendants in Gold

Zodiac sign pendants gold has been part of antique jewelry for ages. Zodiac sign pendants are part of every culture. Zodiac sign pendants gold are something that represents the zodiac sign of a person. It can also symbolize the person’s personality, and it is coined as a beautiful long chain with a gold pendant. These antique zodiac sign pendants gold can go with any clothing.

Silver Antique Necklaces

Talking of antique jewelry, silver cannot be left far behind. Both gold and silver are equally important contributors when it comes to antique jewelry. Silver in its oxidized form; forms part of antique jewelry making. Oxidized silver necklaces can be teamed with traditional handloom wear, sarees, ethnic wear, etc. They look earthy yet fashionable at the same time.

Antique Cuff Bracelet

Cuffs are bracelets that can be worn on one open side pattern. They can be opened from one side and can be closed. They are not those usual thin chain kinds of bracelets but are very thick and a bit heavy. Very much popular these days, cuffs have been popular since olden times too. Antique oxidized cuffs have intricate designs and little silver beads hanging from the edges for that antique feel. Oxidized silver in these cuffs gives a lovely look to the hands.

Indian Antique Gold Bangles

The most important and most elegant jewelry for hands are bangles. Bangles are most important when one thinks of jewelry. Antique golden bangles are heavy and are unique to look at. The intricate work of designing, the expensive stonework was done, the use of pure gold in the bangle is proof that the bangle is worth being classified as an antique valued bangle.

Moonstone Antique Diamond Ring

Antique diamond rings in Victorian style made with moonstone and rose-cut diamonds look brilliant and queen-like. Rings always have been used for expressing with hand gestures. Wearing these antique diamond rings can magnify the personality as a whole.

Antique jewelry designs like zodiac sign pendants gold are the ones that are different and class apart from others and are precious. Antique jewelry is undoubtedly on the expensive side, but the way they transform your looks is unmatched with that grace, charm, and beauty. Perfect for weddings, special occasions, festivals, etc., antique jewelry is a must-have in jewelry wardrobes.

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