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How is the Adani Group Shaping India’s Edible Oil Market?

Adani Group, a leading conglomerate with a diverse profile, has always considered expanding its reach as a part of its business agenda. The company has extended its hold over some of the major segments in the world. Presently, it has turned its interest to the food processing sector. Adani Group has formed a joint venture with Wilmar International Limited, which is one of the leading agribusiness companies in Asia. Together, these two big names plan to revolutionise the food processing industry of India.

The Joint Venture Between Adani Group and Wilmar International:

The joint venture between Adani Group and Wilmar International was incorporated in January 1999. It is one of the newly listed companies under Adani Enterprise Limited. Very soon, it has taken up the reputation of being one of the fastest-growing food FMCG companies in India. The company has the most extensive range of edible oils spanning categories like mustard, sunflower, soya, rice bran, cotton seed, groundnut, and other functional oils. It has also completely revolutionised the edible oil sector of India. The edible oils from Adani Wilmar Limited have become a household name for Indian households. With time, it will continue to expand its range of products and further diversify its business profile.

The Range of Edible Oils by Adani Wilmar:

Adani Wilmar Limited is a one-stop destination for eligible oil, blended oil, and vanaspati. The products are made using high-quality ingredients and benefit our overall health. These products are tested repeatedly for quality assurance. They are perfect for making your deep-fried recipes all the most delicious. The vanaspati can also be used for a wide range of baking applications. The edible oils of Adani Wilmar are released under various brands along with their flagship brand, Fortune, which has become a household name nowadays.

Besides Fortune, the company offers products under various masstige brands like Bullet, Aadhar, King’s, Jubilee, Fryola, Golden Chef, Alpha, and Fryola. Adani Wilmar also caters to institutional demand through its various industry essentials. It offers top-notch packing solutions for its products. AWL offers a wide range of specialty oils as well. This includes:

● Industrial margarine, bakery shortening, and vanaspati. These products are mainly supplied to the bakeries, cafes, and restaurants for preparing a wide range of baking products.

● Lauric fats which act as a substitute for milk fat. It is also an ideal cocoa butter substitute for ice cream and confectionery.

● Bulk packaging of frying oil. These oils are again made of quality ingredients and will contribute to your well-being. However, frying oil must always be consumed in moderation to avoid weight gain.

Other Products Offered by Adani Wilmar:

Besides edible oil, the Adani Group has a wide range of other products under its brand name. This includes basmati rice, sugar, pulses, soya chunks, and wheat flour. The company has expanded its offering by introducing different varieties of soaps under the brand. It plans on further expanding its portfolio in the upcoming years. As per Adani newsthe company presently has an edible oil refining capacity of 16,935 tons daily. There are 23 manufacturing units which are mainly focused on food processing. The quantity of oil produced by the Adani Group serves the needs of around 114 million households. It has a retain reach of 1.8 million. Over 10,000 distributors work for the Adani Group, which supplies Adani products to different houses.

Concluding Thoughts:

Adani Wilmar Limited is known for its quality, consistency, dependability, and superior product outcomes. It has acquired the trust of millions of customers over the last two decades. It is also one of the highest-selling brands in the food category of India. With time, the company aims to expand its range of products and reach out to more households. It also ensures that sustainability practices are maintained during the implementation of its various projects.

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