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Funny Truck Driving Songs To Play Whenever You Hit The Road

Are you planning a road trip? However much you’ll be packed up and your jacked-up truck is in proper shape, you are still not ready to hit the road without some great music to keep you company. They are iconic songs written in the 20th century by comedians with funny laughs, and such songs were tributes to the road. Most funny trucker songs can get a chuckle out of the listeners too.

Considering trucking as an unforgiving professional, you might find it tedious being behind the wheel for long hours and often ruining your back. Since you might have nothing to do but sing and jam along with truck songs. Here are the top funny trucker songs to add to your playlist

Hammer Going Down- Chris Knight

It’s a truck for a movie; Chris Knight falls for a girl and does all the best to get her. He practically punches his words, and you can hear the sound of a ring shifting at the end of the chorus with a quick drum hit. It’s an urgent and demanding song.

Willie Nelson- On The Road Again

Why should you miss this track on your playlist? It’s a simple and addictive melody song with twangy guitar, and that makes it a perfect way for driving off. It seems like an old-timey artwork written in the late 70s and released in the 80s by Willie Nelson.

Driving a Truck With My Heels on

If you need not spare your ribs, this is another track to add to your playlist. It’s one of the funniest tracks and a significant bit of deadpan satire. With this in your playlist, you can’t help but laugh out loud, booming to classic hits while singing about high heels, crotch-less panties, and mascara.

Looking at The World Through Windshield

If your trucking career is genuine, this is a must-have truck in your playlist. It earned a place at country tune in respect to many artists who covered it. It speaks of a boy who followed in his dad’s footsteps as a trucker. It’s a song to put you in the right-center of truckers’ lifestyle while driving.

Red Sovine – Six Days on The Road

How does it feel whenever you have almost finished your trip? You might probably be exhausted and itching to get back home, but your love for the journey is still strong.  Therefore “six days on the road” captures this sentiment precisely

Red Sovine sings of an old trucker driving an old truck over an up-tempo country sound. He can’t wait to get home to his wife, bed, and have home-cooked food. His reference to speeding along road police be damned is hilarious. This song will make much sense to you if you have ever been on the road for a while.


Besides the above funny trucker songs, what else will you need to source inspiration for a fantastic road trip? You can check on comedians with comic laugh albums for more laughs and push for more trucking hype. Funny trucker songs are always a great way to kill some time before hitting the road.

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