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Executive Producer In The United Kingdom

Sara Wallace is an executive producer who oversees creative output for Asia and Europe. in years of experience; she worked for Droga5 and mother for over four years in New York City. She has worked in television,  production, and digital media. 

Among her achievements, she produced music videos and live events for Beyonce. Producing music videos and live events for famous music stars can be daunting. Sara Wallace with her team made it look easy as they produced a video of BeyoncĂ©’s famous song. The live video was organized for the star-studded video at the L.A. Forum. From that event, the star turned out for Beyonce as she put on a spectacular show as the queen of pop. Her subjects paid tribute which was also reflected in attendance as she gave a spectacular live performance at the U.N. headquarters in New York tonight for World Humanitarian Day. 

Since producing for stars can be difficult, here are tips that help network in a creative industry. 

  • Have Confidence in Your Product

The creative industry has crowded professionals, but who stands out? The First impression always counts, but confidence refers to how you perceive yourself physically. It also matters how well you believe in your craft and your ability. 

  • Talk

Networking in the creative industry doesn’t narrow to only going to events hosted just for that purpose. While at a theatre show, a gig, or any event related to the industry, ensure you socialize to put yourself out there and make your connections. You don’t necessarily have to force things out but remain open and friendly, give them something, and let people remember you. Don’t undervalue people for having knowledge, connections, or creative tools.

  • Carry Business Cards

Carrying a business card sounds unprofessional, but it’s the most professional and easiest way to share your information. Networking is about leaving an impression, not scratching your contact details for five minutes. Include all info needed. It could be a personal website, social media sites, etc., so it is easy to contact or check your work. 


The reality in networking always starts with who you know and who they know. Building your network is essential while intending to get your way into the creative industry. Also, ensure you get that mindset of professionalism towards work like Sara Wallace. It made her produce multiple music videos and live events with and for stars, multinational corporations, and international organizations. 

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