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Does stainless steel require a surface finish?

Surface finish is an essential part of any stainless steel constitution and is therefore highly desirable and required for the application to work smoothly. A rough surface can reduce or harm the material’s corrosive capacity to resistance. For those materials where appearances are important, the surface finish is designed in such a way to make the product look elegant.

What is Stainless Steel

As per European standards for Stainless steel, there are many types of surface finishes, from stainless steel coarse surface to refined, polished, smooth, and so on surfaces. A complete standardization is not possible in this context, but we can look at some of the most common surface finishes. The list can be seen below:-

  • Mills Finish:- 1 D-It is the most common type of surface finish. Such stainless steel coarse surface is used for non-decorative products. The coarseness of the surface makes it non-reflective.
  • I G or 2G:-It is also relatively coarse and unidirectional. The surface roughness in this type can be specified.
  • One p or 2 p:-This has the maximum specified coarse surface. It is the best surface for corrosion resistance.

Products with stainless steel coarse surfaces are also used in the beauty and cosmetic industry. Cleaning pads are made of them, and they are considered best for scrubbing the area around the face and neck. Comfortable for all skin types, its use makes your skin look young and refreshing.

Surface finish or coarse surface, the choice depends on the use and look of the product. If the product’s requirement is decorative visibility, then the surface finish of stainless steel is required as in utensils. If the application is non-decorative, a coarse surface with the correct specifications also leads to proper usage.

Some uses of stainless steel coarse surface:- 

When it comes to talking about indicators for coarse surfaces, many manufacturers follow Ra (the coarse surface measuring unit) up to 1 micrometer. Most common applications of this type of finish can be seen in the given products:-

  1. Brewery items
  2. Scientific apparatus
  3. Kitchenware
  4. Food processing products

Today’s modern times, customers have become more inclined towards stainless steel products that speak of form, fit, and finish. Finishing has been evolved as an art where manufacturers constantly try to use cost-effective methods to give that service to the customers.

In both cases, stainless steel with surface finish or coarse surface requires proper and regular maintenance for the products to work for a more extended period. Like, they should be cleaned thoroughly, with some products the cleaning material is provided like liquid gel, etc.


Stainless steel is a common name used in every household in some other form. It has various surfaces finish ranging from rough, irregular, refined, polished, and exquisitely designed.

Ones. Whether stainless steel should have a surface finish or can have a coarse surface depends on the need and requirements of the concerned product.

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