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Different Types of Hair Extensions

If I give you a situation where you have to choose between a) live half your life or b) live double your life but bald.

Most of us will choose option (a) because our hair has become our prime identity.

2 out of 9 people in the world are victims of hair loss. Twenty-one million women and 31 million men are casualties of hair loss. The problem becomes more injurious when our self-esteem drops. We all aspire to look presentable with heavy locks to roll our fingers on.

Hair boutique provides you with virgin Indian air, which is not compromised and manipulated in any kind.

The market is full of different types of luxurious hair extensions because the way the customers desire hair is subjective. Therefore, there are two types of luxury virgin hair extensions based on usage.

1. Temporary Hair extensions

Such hair extensions are easily attachable and removable. You can wear them all day and remove them while going to bed. These extensions are also easily install able, and you don’t need a salon to wear them.

2. Semi-Permanent Hair extensions

These extensions are attached in salons by professionals. Though they are not permanent, they last for 2-3 months, depending on how their care is being taken. These extensions are perfect for people who have a busy lifestyle and cannot maintain hair removal and installation repeatedly.

Different Types of Hair Extensions 

1. Clip-in hair extension

These are the most popular hair extensions because of their low price and easy installation. These extensions are recommended for people with heavy hair because the clips blend well in the original hair, and the difference isn’t noticeable.

2. Halo Hair extensions

Halo extensions are considered the least damaging one because they aren’t attached to the person’s natural hair; they act like a wig and do not trouble you with hair pulling. These are best for someone who doesn’t have time to attach multiple hair strands.

3. Ponytail Hair extensions

These extensions are meant to clip in your actual ponytail. People are fond of these extensions because of the high ponytail trend of Ariana Grande’s. These extensions add volume and length to the actual hair.

4. Tape-in Hair extensions

These extensions are similar to clip-in hair extensions, but they are more exclusive to people with thin hair. These extensions are specially made for thin hair; thin strands of hair are attached near the roots of the original hair.

5. Fusion Hair extensions

These extensions are applied using heat and keratin glue, and you need to the session for 3-5 hours in the salon to get them applied. These extensions last for 2-4 months, but they cannot be reused once they are removed.


Self-esteem and confidence are important, and many of us derive them from the way we look or the way we carry ourselves. Unfortunately, in this modern era, people judge us from how groomed we are, and even if we do not have good hair, we can always fall on to extensions to boost our confidence.

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